Delish Instant Coffee and Grain Blend

Delish Instant Coffee and Grain Blend

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Farmasi is changing the brew game again with another healthy alternative to regular coffee.  Nutriplus Coffee and Grain Blend contains nutrient rich barley and rye grains.
- Naturally low in caffeine
- A potent source of minerals and carbohydrate nutrients
- A good source of vitamins including E and B1.
- Supports hunger control due to its high fiber density.
- Helps to reduce Glucose in the blood keeping sugar levels under control.
- Provides a natural boost of energy.

1.Put 2 teaspoons of Nutriplus Coffee and Grain Blend into your favorite coffee cup.
2.Add 12.2 ounces of hot water.
3.Stir well.
4.Add your favorite sweetener, milk or coffee creamer.

Instant Coffee (40%), Instant Cereal Powder (Barley Powder (30%), (Rye Powder (30%)).


3.53 fl. oz.


*Health features of Nutriplus Grain Coffee have not been certified by the Food and Drug Administration.  Product should not be used as a weight supplement and should not be used to treat any diseases.